Barbora Večeřová


What do clients often say at the beginning of an energy session?

It happens to me over and over again…

I just can't decide.

This always happens in our family, even my grandmother/mother/father used to have the same problem like me...

I just have to drink two or three glasses in the evening, otherwise I won't fall asleep.

I don't even eat that much, but I keep getting fat...

I know I'm supposed to like myself, but I just can't stand myself.

It hurts and the doctors told me there is really no reason for it. They found nothing.

I have allergies

Even when I eat, I'm still hungry. Like I'm never full and satisfied.

And what do clients say at the end of the session?

Now I feel I am grounded. I stand with both feet on the earth. Yes, now I feel that I am really here physically.

I felt very comfortable and taken care of. really recharged my batteries with fresh energy.

Actually, I sort of subconsciously suspected it, but I would never have related it to this particular problem myself.

Really? I had such complications for years because of such a stupid thing?

For the first time in my life, I feel like it's okay, everything is okay and I'm okay.

I feel as if someone took me out of the box and raised me above the whole situation.

And what do clients say one week apart?

I was always so overwhelmed by everything. I used to absorb all emotions of all the people around me. And now? Perhaps I have become a phlegmatic. I can not believe that! I can talk to people, I can hear them, but I'll stay safe, clean and calm.. That's unbelievable. Thank you so much.

– Pavla

My wife said I was more pleasant. I don't know. I can't exactly describe it. But I'm just okay. I feel calm, relaxed and cool. 

– Petr

I saw him and guess what, I didn't care at all. I didn't really care what he is thinking. I could clearly see that these are his problems and I have nothing to do with his problems anymore. That was such a relief! I feel free.

– Iveta