Barbora Večeřová

Individual sessions

What are we doing during the energy session?

You can even lie down during the session:-) The main thing is to feel comfortable and relaxed. The sessions are mostly online, so we are connected by video chat and you can stay in the comfort of your home:-)

Together we will look at the energy that is hindering you in your life. I will let you touch this energy. I will let you decide whether you want to remove it from your energy field and replace it with clean, healing energy. You'll always know what's going on, what we're doing during the session.  

You, or rather your energy field, determine the pace, the content and how deep we will go together. 

If I am your guide, I will make sure that you feel comfortable during this experience and I will hold the space in such a way that your body and soul manage to achieve a maximally effective result.

The great news is that the causes of physical and psychological problems can be taken out of your energy field completely normally. The causes can be transformed and eliminated. All what you would search in a complicated process for years, all what you laboriously drag through your life, all that can be effectively solved during an energy session. And it's definitely worth it.

GJedno sezení se mnou trvá průměrně 90 minut a stojí 3.650,- kč. 


You can contact me by email:

734494896 nebo +4915259873896

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