Barbora Večeřová

Mgr. Barbora Večeřová

You are genious!

My goal is to connect the world of classical medicine with the world of energy medicine.These two points of view are not in opposition. On the contrary, they can be successfully combined.

And what does is acctually mean Energy medicine?

Everything that falls within the area of ​​the Human Quantum Field. So, everything starting from shamanism and including modern, measurable neuroscience. Of course, this also includes the connection of the individual with nature and the spiritual world.

My mission is to spread awareness of complex work with energy in public. My goal is to inform you that you have abilities that you don´t know about, because you are not aware of them. You are able to change absolutely everything in your life with the help of energy work. You can create your life you dream of. You can restore health. You can find inner peace, happiness and overall abundance. You can work with your energy field either under guidance of an expert or by yourself using various meditation techniques, or you can be treated by a shaman as a client.

The key to success is to firstly correct your energy field, which secondarily will very quickly affect your physical body and the material world around you. The principles are described in Quantum Physics and neurosience, but the shamans traditionally work with these methods.

It sounds incredible, but the energy field around every person, including you, is perfect and brilliant, that is why:

You are genious!


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